International Society for Sustainability Science (ISSS)


Integrated Climate Assessment – Risks, Uncertainties and Society (ICA-RUS)


Communication on climate change risks and their management strategies with stakeholders through interactive meetings

The Ministry of the Environment, the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (ERTDF) S-10 “Integrated Climate Assessment – Risks, Uncertainties and Society (ICA-RUS)” aims to provide rational options for both socially and scientifically appropriate strategies against various climate change risks from a risk management standpoint that will contribute to policies for tackling climate change both in Japan and abroad. Through the interactive meetings with stakeholders in global warming highlighted in Sub-theme1-4, essential data for the strategy-planning to manage the risks of global warming will be gathered and analyzed. In addition, the findings from this subtopic of research are scheduled to be fed back into the main body of the project’s risk management strategies.

Research Theme

Climate Change


National Institute for Environmental Studies (Representative Institution)


Environment Research and Technology Development Fund of the Ministry of the Environment

Research Priod

2012 - 2016

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