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Development of International Network on Health Risk Assessment in Urban Area


The goal of this project is to establish “Urban flood and health risk research initiative (UHI)” in each of the University of Tokyo (Core Institute in Japan), Hue University (Core Institute in Vietnam) and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Core Institute in Bangladesh) through collaborative researches, exchanges of researchers, seminars and symposia which are below described.
Collaborative researches and exchanges of researchers aim to develop a model for assessment of health risks attributed to urban flood in monsoon Asia by integrating sub-models for prediction of river flow rate, for prediction of urban flood based on a sewer pipeline system network and for health risk assessment. For this purpose, we have two research fields in Hue, Vietnam and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Research Theme

health risk


Tohoku University, Yamagata University, JICA Research Institute, Hue University, Bangradesh University of Engineering and Technology


JSPS AA Science Platform Program

Research Priod

2011 - 2013

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