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Drawing of future social scenarios of Thailand and Vietnam


In this project future scenarios for the societies of Thailand and Vietnam, which have a close relationship with Japan, have been taken up as a research focus. The issues facing these countries are being considered using a multi-faceted approach. Scenarios for both countries are being worked on by research groups of nationals in both countries with a focus on reducing carbon emissions. At the same time, another research group has been established in Japan to create societal scenarios for the countries from the point of view of Japan. Shell’s scenario planning methods are being used as a tool as a means of creating visions for the future. It goes without saying that Thailand and Vietnam are countries that hold special significance for Japanese companies. For this reason, the Japanese research group includes members drawn from industry, in addition to those from academia, to investigate and consider what kinds of uncertainties these countries face regarding the future and how different future visions of their societies can be created based on the different forms such uncertainties may take.


Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo,Chulalongkorn University; Vietnam National University


Energy Sustainability Forum

Research Priod

2011 - 2013

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