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Comparative Studies on Development Strategies considering Impacts of Adaptation to Climate Change (CSDS-IACC)


This project aims to contribute to implementation of  appropriate adaptation strategies for climate change in developing countries,  with a focus on rice production and mitigation of natural disasters. The  project includes case studies in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Vietnam, and  Thailand, and joint programmes with national institutions. The approach is to  build a modelling system comprising a weather forecast model and impact  assessment models to assess impacts at the local scale, to identify optimal  adaptation strategies, and to improve capability to mainstream adaptation  measures in national development plans. The major milestones are: downscaling future  climate forecasts to local conditions; coupling weather forecasts to flood and  rice yield models set up for target areas; assessing change from baseline  information and propose appropriate actions; and evaluating the relative  benefits of proposed actions in relation to national development programs.

This project provides the necessary training and technology transfer to  develop research capacity at a local level in each country. It has promoted  closer cooperation between universities and UNU in adopting new initiatives in  the Asian countries as well as providing an intensive course in building  resilience to climate change, offered to graduate students of the national  coordinators and as part of the UNU-ISP Postgraduate Programme. This training  is expected to contribute to climate change impact studies by national  researchers. The project and national partners co-organize national workshops  (one workshop in each country) to assess local impacts due to climate change,  and propose appropriate remedial measures in relation to national development  plans for flood risk reduction and responses to rice yield change.

Research Theme

Climate and Ecosystem Change Adaptation

Research Priod

2009 - 2012

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