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Sustainability Science Journal

Sustainability Science is published by Springer on behalf of The Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science of the University of Tokyo (IR3S) and the United Nations University (UNU).

You can download Sustainability Science Journal from the Springer website below.

Sustainability Science

Editorial Advisors

  • Kazuhiko Takeuchi, The University of Tokyo, United Nations University (UNU), JapanLandscape Ecology and Planning


  • William Ascher, Claremont McKenna College, USAGovernment and Economics
  • William C. Clark, Harvard University, USAEnvironment, Development and Security
  • Peter Edwards, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, SwitzerlandEnvironmental Sciences
  • Jim Falk, University of Melbourne, AustraliaEnvironmental Management and Rehabilitation
  • Carl Folke, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm Resilience Centre, SwedenSystems Ecology
  • Kensuke Fukushi, The University of Tokyo, JapanEnvironmental Engineering, Risk Management
  • Edwin A. Gyasi, University of Ghana, GhanaGeography and Resource Development
  • Zakri A. Hamid, Universiti Sains Malasia, MalaysiaEcosystem Assessment
  • Keisuke Hanaki, The University of Tokyo, JapanUrban Engineering
  • Mikiko Kainuma, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), JapanClimate Change
  • Nobuo Mimura, Ibaraki University, JapanCoastal Management
  • Takashi Mino, The University of Tokyo, JapanWastewater Engineering, Sustainability Education
  • Mitsuru Osaki, Hokkaido University, JapanAgriculture Science
  • Govindan ParayilUNU Institute for Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS), JapanScience, Technology and Innovation
  • Joan B. Rose, Michigan State University, USAMicrobial Risk Assessment
  • Jeffrey I. Steinfeld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USAAtmospheric Science, Sustainable Education
  • Akimasa Sumi, The University of Tokyo, JapanClimate Modeling
  • Barton Buzz Thompson, Stanford University, USAEnvironmental and Natural Resources Law
  • Kazuhiro Ueta, Kyoto University, JapanEnvironmental Economics
  • Peter A. Wilderer, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, GermanyWater Quality Engineering
  • Gang Yu, Tsinghua University, ChinaEnvironmental science and engineering

Managing Editor

  • Osamu Saito, UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP), JapanEcosystem management, environmental systems analysis


Visit Springer website for complete list of editors.

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